Fabienne Quinsac
informal painting










Acrylic paintings - Planets and hellfires

Marine Constructions

Planets & Hellfires

Red & Black

Black Series


Grey & Red

Days of Snow

The Aprons




Pinks masts - watercolor - marine art

Terrestrial Architectures

Marine Art



tar paintings

The Remnants

Colored Tar

Bubbling Blues



French painter Fabienne Quinsac's curiosity cabinet

Curiosity cabinet

The surprising way a painting evolves



Colored Tar

Mixed technique with tar
and watercolor and/or acrylic,
from the early 2000's to 2006



Stormy NIght / Flocks - painting by Fabienne Quinsac

Nuage d'orage / Nuées (Stormy Night / Flocks)

50x50 cm   mixed technique on cardboard

(private collection)




Aquatic / The Wooden Bridge / Broceliande

Aquatique / Le pont de bois / Brocéliande

(successive titles: Aquatic/The Wooden Bridge/Broceliande)

70x50 cm   mixed technique on panel




Red Night n°2

Nuit rouge 2 (Red Night n°2)

75x110 cm   mixed technique on panel



"After working for several years on watercolors in which figurative representation of imaginary places prevailed, I needed to feel the materials.

For six years, I have been using a  bituminous tar. I like its dark and warm hues. It is not so handy because of its viscosity, so I had to experiment a lot to "tame" it.

I quickly added natural red earth, and later on some acrylic paint. Today, I add solvents that make tar look like rusted sheet metal.

My style, now closer to abstraction, still includes recognisable elements, from which the audience can dream a way according to its own personality."

Written in 2006 by Fabienne Quinsac for an exhibition catalogue.



Rocks and Water - diptych - tar painting

Roches et eau (Rocks and Water)
diptych 85+41x122 cm   mixed technique on panel

Grand Prize and Gold Medal at Issoudun Art Fair in 2005





Paysage composé, triple triptyque de Fabienne Quinsac

Paysage composé (Composite Landscape)

triple triptych 9x 30x30   mixed technique on panel

The composition of this work went through particular stages. Watch  its evolution here.




Chalky Cliff n°2

Falaise crayeuse 2 (Chalky Cliff n°2)

93x50 cm   mixed technique on panel   630€




Wandering - tar and acrylic painting

Vagabondage (Wandering)

52x52 cm   mixed technique on panel




At The End of The Tunnel

Au bout du tunnel (At The End of The Tunnel)

50x50   mixed technique on panel




will-o'-the-wisps / tar and acrylic

Feux follets (Will-o'-the-wisps)

50x50 cm   mixed technique on panel

(private collection)




Sailboat painting

Voilier (Sailboat)

50x50 cm   mixed technique on panel

(private collection)




High Eruption - Painting by French contemporary artist Fabienne Quinsac

Eruption haute (High Eruption)

31x125 cm   mixed technique on panel

(private collection)





Jachère 1 (Fallow n°1)

31X105 cm   mixed technique on panel
(clic to see
Jachère 1 and Jachère 2 together)

"Suggesting deep caves, mysterious swamps, places where light is the emptiness of shadows, where shadows contain blurred lights."



SeaweedRhythm - Contemporary painting

AlgueRythme (SeaweedRhythm)

92x52 cm   mixed technique on panel   1150€


Colored tar paintings by Fabienne Quinsac